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Festivals :

            Manohara Grantha Mala arranged Vasantha Sahityotsava under the presidentship of Masti Venkatesh Iyengar in May 1942 at Gadag. Nearly 80 veteran literateurs attended the festival.
            The Sharadotsava was arranged under the presidentship of D.R. Bendre in October 1946 at Gadag and nearly 50 famous literatures attended the festival.
            Sahiti - Sahitya - Samparka was arranged in August 1988 and many literatures attended with affection and love.



Seminars :

Intimate literary seminars were arranged at M.G.M. for three years (1968-70). Shri Girish Karnad, D.R. Bendre, U.R. Ananthamurthy, K.D. Kurtkoti, Chandrashekhar Kambar, Chandrashekar Patil, Giraddi Govindaraj and others participated in the seminars                        


Nadedu Banda Dari (The Path Traversed)

            Not content with the creative literature given in the past twenty five years the Mala decided to reconsider the critical norms that should govern a creative work of art. That was the need of the age which has to be fulfilled. The Mala took the occasion of its Silver-Jubilee year to publish three volumes of 'The Path Traversed' representing every form of literature along with prefatory essays discussing its aims, characteristics and the governing principles. It was a stupendous task which was successfully performed with the help and co-operation of 135 writers who contributed their works for its completion. The volumes became immensely popular and made a sensation in the world of literature akin to a literary movement. The critical survey of modern literature presented in the prefatory essays started a new age of genuine criticism.




            The latest venture of the Grantha Mala was "Manvantara" a half yearly journal devoted exclusively to critical reassessments of Kannada works and enquiry into aims and motives of creation. Dr. D. R. Bendre contributed a very valuable poetic autobiography, to the first number of Manvantara, examining the process of poetic creation in the light of his own experiences as a poet. The other numbers followed regularly by K. D. Kurtkoti, S. B. Minajigi, G.B.Joshi, Chandrashekhar Kambar and others. A special number of drama which included articles by D. R. Bendre, Rajeev Taranath, K. D. Kurtkoti and Girish Karnad has become a milestone in the field of dramatic criticism. Ten numbers of Manvantara had been published and the journal had come to halt for the scarcity of committed serious writers.

Puta Bangara (Golden Leaves)

            To  commemorate its Golden Jubilee, it has brought out five volumes called "puta Bangara" containing 16 short stories, 9 essays, 5 one-act-plays, 5 full-length plays, 13 novels, 4 travelogue, biography et., 4 forewords, 4 literary critical articles and 100 selected poems of D. R. Bendre with full notes. These selections are made from the published books of Manohara Grantha Mala during the last 50 years. The volumes stand for the best form of  literature published in the last five decades.
            Prof. Kirtinath Kurtkoti has discussed seriously the forms and purpose of literature in the 'forewords' of these volumes which form a complete book in literary consciousness.